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Dear Friends,
Let me thank you first for visiting our website and showing an interest in our products.
Our dream of starting EV business consists of many ideas coming together, how EV can help and protect the planet. This is how the GOWEL was born with great passion and seize the opportunity. Our aim at building GOWEL was to create an independent entity in all aspects of electric vehicles.
We have built our brand to create the perfect utilization of our available resources and provide the top-notch products to the consumers.
We’ve been developing our brand with immense pace and have great interest from the pursuits of our customers and understanding their needs from the beginning. The overall system gives us a competitive advantage and a positive motion, which we continue to practice and achieve a No-1 position in the EV market.
A lot was planned, and lots of it implemented, we’re a delicate organization, and we want to make examples from our work, we’re somewhat more sensible than any other firm providing our range of goods. We’re expanding and will keep doing so, we continue to add new business partners into our organization, and we promise to increase our product portfolio.
Over the years which We’ve been in operation, I would like to thanks the Government of India for supporting and promoting electric vehicles beneath its MAKE IN INDIA initiative wherein chances are plentiful. Their eyesight and service has played an essential part in our expansion so much and will stay going forward.
Finally, I’d to I hope the site has managed to profile our organization and we expect our products and services could be of your interest.

Welcome to the GOWEL Website!
Progress for me, personally has never been a dream. It has always been a remote reality, and after one milestone is accomplished, there’s always another one waiting to be spanned.
It is with this notion that I joined GOWEL in 2018, a company that’s the part of GRG group in the business of textile. Nearly two years, GOWEL became a prominent name in its business segment, but as every entrepreneur sticks to their fantasy, I wanted to drive my company to more prosperous milestones. Over being a No.1 player, I always perceived my company as a unit which may make a difference together with its quality and competitively priced products. Taking a route less travelled, I enlarged GOWEL production and its network, a highly competitive business which requires a reachable network and instant after-sale service with experienced technicians.
Overcoming challenge after challenge with assistance from my brilliant team, I have been effective in bringing GOWEL to a new landmark of a recognized player in India.
The journey of GOWEL is never ending. However, with the support of my team, business partners and customers, I am confident that the business will continue to scale landmarks of excellence for years to come.

Being a fiduciary of a company, my responsibility is not only about revenue, costing and budgeting but also managing risk, driving performance and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the company information.

Develop and execute strategic, operational initiatives to propel the accomplishment of manufacturing goals, objectives and realize exceptional improvements in efficiency, productivity and quality.

Our focus is ensuring that we’re growing at the perfect pace. Whether it’s our brand, new product launches or expansions of our newest retail partnerships, we would like to make sure that we have the capability and ability to give the very best service and experience to our customers.

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