Welcome to the GOWEL

GRG Smart Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. Is a newly incorporated industrial house (May 2018) of GRG Group promoted by Sh. Shashikant Goenka with following group companies.

  • GRG Cotspin Ltd.
  • GRG Accessories Ltd.
  • GRG Smart Vehicle Pvt. Ltd.


  • To become a market leader in the e-vehicle transportation segment, and achieve the status of world class company.
  • A wide range of high quality product to the total satisfaction of customer in the domestic and overseas market by ensuring.
  • Always innovate for a better tomorrow.
  • High sustainable growth.
  • Sustainable domestic & global competition.


To be the No.1 and the most efficient player with world- class quality and technology leadership in the e-vehicle personal as well as commercial vehicle category offering transportation solution for specific customer.


GRG group will benefit the social community in several ways by saving the overall used energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuel and thus impacting the environment.

  • Electrification of vehicles has to become affordable, removing the actual bottlenecks of availability of charging stations and of low user acceptance.
  • Lack of charging spots and insufficient telematics services GRG s are still some kind of niche products.